Carl Bowlby (If Barbie Were a Human) 

Friends of Muddy Angel Carl Bowlby, singer. "A light hearted commentary on the state of our society and its values, "Barbie" represents somewhat of a departure from the "alternative pop" musical genre in which I write and perform."

My secret wish (oops!) is that Carl will remember me when he's a rich and/or famous singer/songwriter. He's perceptive, kind, funny, writes good tunes, and has played extensively in New York and Los Angeles. He's also opened for the "Irish invasion" band Black 47. You really should hear him sing his songs, even if they're not quite like "Barbie."!

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If Barbie Were a Human

Lead Vocals: Carl Bowlby
Guitar: Mike McAvoy
Piano: Mark Kelso
Drum Programming: Mark Kelso
Accordion: Jaro Czerniwec
Bass: Russ Landau