Friends of Muddy Angel

Many of the friends and musicians listed below participated with me in the Human Heart project to raise money for the homeless. Please support these generous and great souls by buying their music from them.

Linda Worster
David Grover
Vikki True and the Sweet Sisters of Mercy
Lui Collins
David Holmes
Susan Herrick
Lee Everett
Carl Bowlby
Michael Fisher
Kim and Reggie Harris
William Vitalis
Bhavani Lorraine Nelson  - Eagleflight Enterprises
John de Kadt

We are especially proud of our former interns and students who have become great performers

in their own right...

Justin Hillman

Michael Joseph

Maya Solovey, Singer Songwriter

Sarah Belitz, vocalist

Curtis Kelley, drummer/vocalist and The Interlopers

Christopher St. Clair, bassist extraorinaire

Charley Capeless, guitarist