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Mark Kelso has been likened to John Lennon and Leonard Cohen.  He believes that John and Leonard are better songwriters thus far.  However...

When Michael Jackson’s  Heal the World Foundation wanted a musician for the World Children’s Congress at Michael's Neverland Valley Ranch they asked Mark because of his long standing work with kids and the spirit in his music.             

Mark founded Muddy Angel Music after leaving the Virgin Records label, Narada, in order to create spirit-inspired works that did not shy away from religious overtones, nor cater to them.

If you've heard Mark in concert or any of his musical productions, you might mistake him for a genius.  Genius isn't something he is, although it does seem to stop by regularly.

From Madison Square Garden to healing resorts and churches across North America, Mark has brought his gentle wildness to play music for many thousands of people.

His musical scores and songs for award winning video productions have brought viewers to tears, at the United Nations, in Hollywood, on the A&E channel, and in living rooms throughout the world.  And it is probably not because he is a talented musician.

Best-selling author Alan Cohen (The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore) writes, “You have imbued the healing peace of God in your beautiful music.”

“How beautifully Mark’s music speaks to me of Mother Mary,” writes Monsignor Robert Punke.  “I had no idea he was such a contemplative.”

God’s love for Mark has sustained his life, and it may be this love that people feel when they hear his music, whether in healing and worship services, concerts, in hospice settings, or on his many CD’s or video productions, including some featuring the work of Deepak Chopra, Huston Smith, and other notables in the field of spirituality and religion.

Dan Millman (Author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior) once said, “Piano music in general doesn’t touch me the way yours does.  There’s a different quality in your music.” 

Author Carolyn Myss simply said, “I love Mark Kelso, he is such a generous soul.”  Whether that is true or not, people often feel something flowing through his foolishness that they find healing and uplifting.

Actor Ben Kingsley said, “I look forward to hearing your music waft through the halls of my home.”  Pianists Dave Brubeck and George Winston have also both enjoyed that CD.  On the door of Mark's 1000-square foot studio is a "Big Note of Thanks" from Dave complimenting that particular recording, composed and recorded in the world's largest Gothic Cathedral.

Patch Adams, (the clown/doctor who runs a free hospital - (a true fool for healing!)) once wrote, “Thank you for that beautiful and peaceful music, I hope you some day you can play at our hospital (Gesundheit)."
Mark has played extensively with writer Oriah Mountain Dreamer, (author of "The Invitation.")  “You have a rare gift in your ability to truly be there in your music and as a brother.”  He has shared the stage with “superman” Christopher Reeve, and gifted healer and Episcopal priest, the Rev. Nigel Mumford with whom he shares a deep love of Jesus Christ.

Mark also coaches individuals and groups in the development of impassioned, heartfelt music and many of his protegés, have surpassed him in fame and fortune, appearing on network TV, releasing their own acclaimed CD's, and loving their musical lives.

Some day, Mark will die, leaving behind a rich legacy of over 100 CD’s, videos, theatrical productions, and countless songs, many of which were heard just once or not at all.  He will have contributed untold amounts of CO2 emissions, sewage and refuse along the way and prays that it will have been worth it to our great mother earth that he was here even for a little while.

After devoting his time to his church, his family, his many music production clients and his local music students for the past few years, Mark is once again emerging with new material, including vocal songs that have been touching audiences internationally. 

His new CD, Grief & Grace  is now available on iTunes and CD Baby along with ONE FIRE, a benefit for Hopital Sacré Coeur in Milot, Haiti, by the Mountain Road Singers. He is currently back in the studio working on three new recordings:  Forgetting and Remembering, a vocal CD with loads of singalong choruses, Open Door, a collection of piano solos, In the Momentum, hypnotic music for movement with sacred Latin Chants over the top.

He lives in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.