Muddy Angel Music

We run a music production and education studio specializing in the development of authentic,  heartfelt music. 

Our thousand square foot recording and teaching studio features state of the art digital recording plus many modern and vintage keyboards instruments, including access on-site to an elegant tracker pipe organ in a sanctuary space, 2 Hammond organs with a Leslie cabinet, a 1904 Steinway Grand Piano Model "O,"  a 1920 German Steinway grand piano, a concert harmonium, accordions, a concertina, as well as a plethora of keyboards, sound modules, and samples.


We have a great selection of  specialized microphones and musical instruments  in a comfy, peaceful  recording environment 

 Neumann U-87 Microphone



It's a state of the art music production studio that feels like a nice living room. in a relaxed country setting within easy reach of New York City. Albany, and Boston.


We specialize in healing music and have produced many hundreds of CD's, soundtracks, film and TV scores, and songwriter demos since 1982.


All of the work is conducted or personally supervised by Mark Kelso, music producer and chief engineer.


Call us for equipment list, studio rates and samples of our award winning work at 800-909-7960 or email sales (at)