Learning with Passion at Muddy Angel Music 

    Thanks for your interest in music coaching here at Muddy Angel Music. I am teaching every afternoon except Friday from about 3-6 pm so hopefully everyone who REALLY wants to be here can find a slot!  As you may know, my primary pedagogical philosophy is that by following a student’s passion, more of the soul and nervous system is engaged, so it is both more fun and the learning is easier.

If you commit to at least a semester slot, half hour sessions are $35, 45 minute lessons are $50, and hour lessons are $65. For those who have not yet paid the registration and materials there is a one time charge of $35 per family.

  Right now, we have no ensembles in the schedule, which are billed at half of the lesson rate, so a 90 minute ensemble with 4 musicians would be $50 each.  I bring in other musicians to help as needed, including Terry Hall, Arlo Guthrie's drummer.

    You will be purchasing time slots that will be your responsibility to fill.  However, if you let me know, at the beginning of the semester, of times that you will be away, these will not count as absences.  Slots will be allocated based on seniority.  I hope to be able to fit everyone this year and, will take new students as the schedule allows.

    Beyond that, you may use your time slot in a number of ways. You or your child can:
1) Show up for the lesson, (whether you have practiced or not.)
2) Lie on the couch and let me play for you, (and even take home a CD of it!.)
3) Send in a replacement (a sibling, a child, a parent, even a friend.)
4) Talk to me on the phone about music (or anything related to it, which is everything.)
5) Simply donate that particular lesson fee to Muddy Angel Music (a worthy cause!)

    Of course, there are always extenuating circumstances, so each school year you may take two “emergency” cancellations at no charge. [PLEASE NOTE that ensemble absences are non- refundable as the ensemble will still happen without you and I am often paying other teachers as well]  For those of you who have more erratic schedules, I also do lessons with the same rates and policies as my studio rates (which are $75/hour, $100/hour in evenings).  These are scheduled in the “holes” left in my music production schedule and require no week to week commitment.  They are also cancellable with a day’s notice at no charge.

    Another great feature of learning here is that enrolled students can record CD’s at lesson rates,  during their lesson times.  The only additional cost is for the CD’s themselves.

    Lessons may be paid for with Berkshares, gold, cash, VISA, MC, or AMEX, agreed upon barter or checks made out to Muddy Angel Music.  A series of lessons is 12 sessions long, but feel free to pay as you go or in any chunks that work for you.  If you choose to terminate lessons for any reason, please give me two full lessons’ notice.  Within 30 days of your last lesson, you shall receive a full refund for unattended lessons for which you have paid.

    I am so looking forward to the music pouring out of you and yours 

    Play on,